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A website, YES but not JUST ANY WAY !!!!!

You want to build a website, but am I in the RIGHT PLACE?

It’s always the same recurring problem (for me too) when you want to call on a competent agency to carry out a project: HAVE I KNOCKED ON THE RIGHT DOOR? You’ve never heard of them, you don’t know the people who work there… In short, you ask yourself so many questions and THAT’S NORMAL!

Am I the person you are looking for?

It’s perfectly normal to wonder who you’re dealing with. We’ve probably never met, and if I were in your shoes I’d REACT the same thing. It’s important for me to put a name to a face and to know the people I’m likely to be working with. That’s why I always organise a first physical or visual meeting as a first encounter. First impressions give you an idea of the person you’re dealing with!

You want a website BUT NOT A SCAM!

After we’d introduced ourselves, a new question popped up:
“This guy promises me that he makes websites. Is it really TRUE?” (I have my doubts).
Will the work be done on time and with the results as promised?
It is my DUTY to satisfy my customers. When I submit a job to someone, I have the same high expectations AS YOU.


Back in 2020 at Covid 19, it was during this period of confinement (as we all remember) that instead of watching Netflix films or spending hours playing video games, I decided to set up my company. I’d just come out of an experience that hadn’t lived up to my expectations, so I wanted to keep moving forward. After almost 2 years, I don’t regret my choice at all and I’m determined to fulfil my MISSION to help people today and in the future.

My Offer




– The page mock-up

-Building the web page