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2016, Romantic


2015, Action, Crime


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2021, Romedy

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The Noir Woman

A talentedly played two-hour performance,
touching at the end, was warmly received by the London public.


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Killgan— London Based App and Web Development Agency

This is the age of the Internet and for businesses to survive here, building a prominent online
presence is a must. For that, you need an attractive application and a robust website for your
business. That is precisely what KiLlGaN offers to its esteemed clients — amazing and
powerful UI applications and spectacular websites that fit your brand while serving its
purpose to the fullest.

Killgan is an agency based in London, UK — expert in app and web development. It was
founded on the 2nd of December 2020. With the drive to serve its clients the best tools
appropriate for utilizing the potential that the Internet offers, KiLlGaN aims to present its
clients with tools that will help them grow in the present and the future.

Serving Global Industries
The world is going online, and there’s a high demand for applications and websites, no
matter the industry. The best way to judge the versatility and flexibility of an app and web
development agency
is to take a peek at the industries it has successfully contributed to. It
shows the ability of the agency to be flexible to the needs of the industries while providing
solutions to get high-end results.

Killgan has proven itself on that front by serving a broad number of industries, including the
● Education industry
● Banking and Finance industry
● Logistics industry
● Healthcare industry

Killgan offers highly functional applications for a multitude of purposes and according to the
needs of its clients. Here are a few custom development applications that KiLlGaN can help
you develop:
● Food and Restaurant Apps
● Ecommerce Apps
● Social Media Chat Apps
● Recruitment Apps
● Taxi Hiring Apps
● Property Listing Apps
● Health Care Apps
● Online Payment Apps

Services and more
Killgan offers more than services to its customers. It offers support and nourishment for a
company to grow to its full potential in an online environment through the help of the
applications and websites that it develops. On that front, KiLlGaN offers the following
services to its customers:

Mobile App Development
Mobiles serve as the personal assistants to each individual in today’s age and time. In fact,
the world as a whole could be accessed through our smartphones. In such a time,
businesses need to have applications and websites that are easily accessible through
mobiles and offer a friendly interface for ease of use.
Killgan understands that need and thus offers robust mobile app development services for
iOS and Android platforms to help you come up with applications that are innovative and
attractive. Killgan caters to startups and businesses of all sizes.

Custom App Development
Not all business requirements are the same, and not all businesses have the same ideals.
Killgan understands and focuses on meeting the individual requirements of each of its
clients, thus providing custom app development services. No matter what the customer
wishes for, KiLlGaN and its expert team work hard to achieve that.
Therefore, no matter what your vision is, KiLlGaN will help you realize it. Killgan can help
you develop custom applications for many platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Product Development
If businesses wish to further develop their applications and present them to their customers
as a whole new product, KiLlGaN has every ability to help you achieve that goal. As
developers, KiLlGaN’s team has excellent skills to redevelop an application as a new
product so that its clients can have better access to the application while enjoying a
seamless experience.

Why KiLlGaN?
As a business, you need to make hard and fast decisions so that your business can grow,
expand, and enjoy profits. For that, you would need to rely on the right sources and
providers. If you are wondering why KiLlGaN, there is more than one reason for you to trust
and rely on it. Here are a few of the reasons why partnering up with KiLlGaN for developing
applications/software for smartphones is an absolutely amazing decision.

A Timeless Vision
At Killgan, they share a timeless vision of providing their clients with tools and services that
will help them grow not only in the present but will help them continue to do so even in the
future. Killgan understands and acknowledges the current requirements of the age of the Internet and strives to provide accordingly. In short, trusting KiLlGaN ensures that you are
always on the top of the market with the latest innovations, technology, and aids.

Team Of Experts
Nothing will ever come to be if you do not have the right team supporting you. Killgan here
will provide you with your dream team of app and web developers who will work together to
help your vision come true. Killgan’s team of professionals is the best in their field and
experts at what they do. So rest assured, the moment you strike a deal with KiLlGaN, you
know your project is in the best hands.

Commitment And Deliverables
In business, time is everything. Killgan upholds the value of time and thus goes the extra
length to deliver the projects and meet the commitments on time so that your business does
not face the repercussions. At KiLlGaN, staying true to the commitments in the one
unbroken rule.

Support And Aids
Lastly, no matter what the project is, KiLlGaN believes in staying with their clients till the end.
Therefore, even after all the required products are served, KiLlGaN offers amazing customer
support and after services to ensure that you have no issues with understanding or using the
product. As an app and web developer, KiLlGaN understands the importance of technical
support and thus has worked up a customer service that is easy to approach and always
willing to help.
As the world becomes more virtual, the need and demand for apps and websites keep
increasing. KiLlGaN wishes to contribute to satiating that growing demand by offering quality
services and products that will help businesses become more insightful, and innovative and have
greater scopes of expansion and growth.