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I have a new product to show you. If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, or if you supply some software of till you will be interested.

I found this idea when I was in England. I have worked as a barista for one year. I saw plenty of customers every day at the shop. I asked myself “Can I develop an application to link customers to the company of goods”? I will be easy to use and order their meal.

the application will pre-register all goods in the database from the company. The system will be available from a smartphone. The user will be able to choose and registered his meal before he comes to the coffee shop. Then, he will send his menu by Wi-Fi, internet network, or by a thick-headed to the waitress. At the same time, the menu will be prepared and send it directly to the till. The person will pay the bill and he will take his menu to finish.

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Customer of Connection or Registration

The main page includes a registration if you do not have an account or you input your mail and password to connect it. If you forget your password, you just click on “forget password” and you will receive The code in your mail to reconnect you.

Main Page

Here, you see the main page of the restaurant, popular products from the company. Also, it is possible if the Restaurant has a chain; they can add all of them in the “popular restaurants”. First of all, select the restaurant Where you want to eat.

Restaurant of Address

If you pay attention when you select the restaurant, them. The address will appear as location, mail, phone number, weeks of Opening. At the same time, the recommended food has already been tried. By previous costumers appear here. Also, the feedback is noted by Stars from one to five.

Good of Ingredients

At this stage, you click on the product and a photograph and Description appear. You read all of the ingredients used to prepare the Meal. The price is printed as well. If you desire to buy this, click on the button “Add to cart” in the bucket (right side).

Your Order Ready

The next step after you selected your meal is to give your Order. So, you have a bucket which is added your goods and ready To send it. You click on it, you see the price, products selected and the Order number printed.

Restaurant Registration

This part is reserved for the company of the staff. This is the backend. You need to have an email and a password to access it.

Order Dashboard

Here, is the dashboard. You see the order of number,  Products, categories sold daily, and the number of visitors.


This section is destined to add a new category and serve the customers by the application. You can add, delete, or Modified at any time.


Then, you just add your goods to this section. You describe the Ingredients of theirs and it will be accessible to the customer. You can modify, delete, or add your products when you want.


The history of the order will appear here. You can observe which costumer has ordered with their own number and the  Menu also has his own number. The date and the price will appear as well.

Mind Order

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