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KiLlGaN is an agency based in London, United Kingdom — expert in application, software and web development for the companies. It was founded on the 2nd of December 2020. With the drive to serve its clients the best tools appropriate for utilizing the potential that the Internet offers, KiLlGaN aims to present its clients with tools that will help them grow in the present and the future.

I have a new product to show you. If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, or if you supply some software of till you will be interested.

I found this idea when I was in England. I have worked as a barista for one year. I saw plenty of customers every day at the shop. I asked myself “Can I develop an application to link customers to the company of goods”? I will be easy to use and order their meal.

the application will pre-register all goods in the database from the company. The system will be available from a smartphone. The user will be able to choose and registered his meal before he comes to the coffee shop. Then, he will send his menu by Wi-Fi, internet network, or by a thick-headed to the waitress. At the same time, the menu will be prepared and send it directly to the till. The person will pay the bill and he will take his menu to finish.

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